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Post Offer Employment Testing

Post Offer Employment Testing Program

The Post Offer Employment Testing and Fit-for-Duty Testing Program provides a return-on-investment shortly after implementation. (In our experience, each dollar spent will save a company over $15.00.)

The testing will help determine which individuals demonstrate the ability to perform essential functions of the job. You may even use our testing services for job placement to make sure an employee can safely perform their job.

Our ADAAA, EEOC, and Civil Rights compliant program can be performed locally or across the country through our network of over 2,000 testing locations!

Upon your approval, we will provide content and criterion validation to implement a legally defensible test.

Software and Report Benefits

  • Designed to test each job’s essential functions
  • Can be performed anywhere in North America
  • ADAAA,EEOC and Civil Rights compliant
  • Immediate dissemination of pass/fail-met/not met results to the employer contact
  • Outcome data generates to include pass/fail results by company and by job category
    • Is there impact by gender, age, and race
    • Common reasons for a failure
    • Failures stratified by tester and/or location where failures occur
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