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Scheduling and Attendance Policy

At Maguire Therapy, we want to maximize your time with us. Contact the office prior to your appointment and provide your email address to have your registration forms sent to you. Print, complete and bring these forms to your first visit along with your insurance information.

Scheduling and Attendance Policy

Importance of Therapy

Welcome to Maguire Therapy Services! Your physician has ordered therapy for you in order to improve your function and comfort. It is important that you attend visits as recommended by your therapist to maximize your improvement. Your appointment time is reserved just for you.



Please call our front desk staff at 706-724-6543 to schedule, cancel, or reschedule your appointments. It is recommended that you schedule your subsequent appointments out in order to more easily obtain consistent appointments that work with your schedule.


Cancellation & No Show

Communication is an important part of effective treatment for you. This includes cancellation of an appointment. We realize that a conflict may arise. Please call to cancel more than twenty-four hours before your scheduled time.

We consider notification less than three hours as a no show. If you do not show for three scheduled appointments, we will assume you are not interested in continuing your therapy and will erase all future appointments without further notification. We will also contact your physician so he/she knows that you are not attending therapy.


Arrive on Time

We do our best to run on time throughout the day. It is also important that you arrive ready to start your visit on time. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late, your therapist will try to fit your treatment time in, depending on availability of open time slots.

You are the most important part of your rehabilitation! Your success depends on how actively you participate in your therapy program.

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