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Functional Capacity Evaluation

Functional Capacity Evaluation

A FCEs primary purpose is to determine individual’s functional abilities and limitations in the context of a safe environment while focusing on productive work tasks.

The service we provide is a valuable tool in assessing an employee’s safe working abilities and/or establishing baseline abilities for disability evaluations.

Our FCE correlates a client’s functional abilities to the essential physical demands of their job to determine whether they meet these physical demands.

Consistency of effort and reliability of pain ratings are important elements of our evaluation, which is why over 70 separate criteria throughout the FCE help determine if a client is putting forth consistent effort and whether their subjective pain ratings are reliable.

Additionally, the Functional Capacity Evaluation testing method we use has consistently stood up in a court of law with reliability and validity research to support the testing method.

Software and Report Benefits

  • One-page cover letter outlining a clients results
  • Considered the best and easiest-to-read FCE reports on the market
  • Most important information appear on the first pages of the report
  • Can easily perform workers’ compensation, disability and personal injury FCEs
  • The latest FCE research is incorporated into our testing so you know your findings will stand up to legal scrutiny
  • Perform and generate results the same day
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