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What Patients Say

  • “I can sit, stand, walk, and lay down with virtually no pain which was not the case only a couple of months ago.”

    I wanted to take a moment to thank the professional staff at Maguire Therapy Services for the positive experience I have had while in treatment for a back injury. I have been a soldier in the United States Army for the past 16 years and I have never had a better healing experience than while in treatment here. Stephen, Hannah and the rest of the staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and have been active participants in my healing process. This active approach has been the main reason for my rapid pain relief and overall recovery and I am very pleased with the results.

    Unlike military treatment facilities that focus on treating the symptoms of the underlying condition, Stephen (my physical therapist) worked with me to find the root cause of my pain and misalignment to correct and strengthen the affected areas. He constantly monitored my pain levels on every visit and custom tailored my therapy sessions to address and reduce them. After 17 visits, my pain levels have dropped from a 7 on the 1-10 pain scale to a 1 or 2 on most days. I can sit, stand, walk, and lay down with virtually no pain which was not the case only a couple of months ago. I would highly recommend Maguire Therapy Services to anyone who is suffering from chronic pain due to an occupational injury. They truly do care about the recovery of their patients and I am highly satisfied with the treatment I have received.

    SFC Brent F.

  • “Someone actually listened to me.”

    I was recently referred to Maguire Therapy for physical therapy as well as occupational therapy for a work-related injury. I have been seen by several doctors and another therapist. Although they were very professional, they were very clinical as it seems to be with a lot of businesses these days. From the moment I spoke to the person who was scheduling my appointments to my first therapy appointment, everyone at Maguire Therapy was professional, showed a level of kindness and compassion that you just do not find in the medical field these days. I didn’t feel like just a workers comp claim number. It was the first time since I broke my shoulder and arm over a year ago that I felt like I could explain where my pain was and have someone actually listen and then explain how and what they were going to do to help me. I was recently going to drive a long distance and mentioned it to my therapist. He and another therapist actually simulated how I would be sitting and explained how to sit and hold the wheel to avoid having the issues I usually do when driving long distances. I have felt tremendous improvement, I believe in part due to the explanation I received, as I do the exercises so I can recreate them at home as opposed to handing me just a sheet of paper and being told to do these at home. I just want to thank everyone at Maguire Therapy for their excellent care, and also for the extra effort you put into treating every patient as an individual and not just a claim number.


    Hannah from Evans

  • “You all demonstrated your total commitment into caring for me…”

    I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for the wonderful treatment and care you all showed me during my recent therapy.  Before I came into the center for this treatment, I kept saying what they can really do for me.  I was very nervous and daunted by the fear of the unknown, with all the stories people tell you about taking therapy, it’s just my hand, and would I be wasting my time.  The pain and swelling was so bad I really needed some help.  My very first day gave me a sign that things were going to be OK, from the front desk treatment area, everyone was so kind and reassuring when I arrived which took away a lot of my apprehension.

    This is why I say thanks to Mrs. Veronica Maguire and the therapy team for their expertise in the rehab theatre and for their outstanding customer service.  You all demonstrated your total commitment into caring for me when I knew my hand was helpless.  Little do you know how much support you were providing, with other issues I was facing.  You also gave me the support and encouragement I needed to take my first steps on the road to my rehabilitation, which meant so much to me.  I’d like to particularly thank Mrs. Giovanna Mustin, her competency of knowing just what to do was inspiring.  I couldn’t have been more lucky that she was the therapist on duty when I came into the rehab center that day.  I know you probably do this all the time, but I want to let her know that the way she treated me is forever grateful.

    Also I’d like to thank Christina Laird- her greeting and communication skill is great.  Thanks to Titiana Talley and Emily Carter. They also played such an important part in my treatment recovery. I hear people tell Military people, “Thank you for your service.”  Well, Summerville Staff, “Thank you for your service” and all you do for the

    Veterans of the Armed Forces. So, thank you.  My family and I will never forget what you’ve done for us.


       David from Hepzibah Ga.

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